Which anime would be better for me to get into, Dragon Ball or JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?

I'll admit that I've never been keen on anime (despite being a fan of Japanese culture), but back in 2017, these two series in particular piqued my interest when I was one day watching the Adult Swim channel block on Cartoon Network in a hotel room. I'm not ruling out getting into both, necessarily, but what would be easier to get into at the moment? Am kind of hoping the coming holidays will give me some time to get into an anime series I might like.


I forgot to mention, I'll be open to associated manga as well, I'm just hoping I don't spend excessive amounts of money on it LOL.

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  • Tangi
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    8 months ago
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    Dragon Ball is nice and it was a pioneer of its genre, but it's the most shonen-y manga/anime there is, mostly due to shonen taking their codes from this one.

    JoJo also starts very shonen like, with a Hokuto no Ken vibe, and then goes its own way, with a weird style and nice characters and concepts.

    One very welcome characteristic of JoJo is that it changes setting and main characters regularly.

    The downside if you're watching the anime is that only the five first parts were adapted for now. Parts are getting longer and longer and the best ones are only in manga form for now.

    I liked both, I prefered JoJo, but I'm not you so in the end I will not tell you which one to choose.

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