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I have an acne scar right in the middle of my face. I regret it so much. How can I get rid of it without any “special” products?

I have a pimple scar and it’s been there for about 2 weeks. It’s really dark and I hate it and I regret it. I’ve learned my lesson, but how do I get rid of it? It hasn’t gotten any lighter and it’s bugging me so much especially since it’s isn’t the middle of my face. Do you have any recommendations of what to do? Not including going to a dermatologist or buying some $50 treatment.

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    For the present, you could cover it with a special type of makeup (available from drugstores) not just some ordinary cosmetics. 

    Also, there are little round Band-Aids available.  They're about half an inch in diameter, and can conceal the damage while it heals.  If you're fortunate, that blemish should fade over the next few weeks or months. If it's still too slow to improve, I'd suggest putting some money aside every week to save up for a visit to a dermatologist and whatever prescriptions they suggest.  It's your face!

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    Try Avocado Oil cream. I think Amazon sells it for less than 25 dollars.

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