Injury or MS?


Just looking for opinions. I do have a Dr’s appointment booked up.

25 (M)

Smoker (for 3 years)

Overweight but gym goer and have lost a considerable amount of weight since last year.

So I back in September my right leg started feeling weak, it got worse for a few weeks where I literally had to limp but then suddenly got better casually. I blamed on HIIT making me injured, because for someone my size the HIIT I was doing on the treadmill was at dangerous levels. And I done this 4/5x a week without any strength training. So I casually got my cardio slowed down and lifted sone weights.

As soon as I fel better I stupidly went to HIIT again, but I did do more strength training around 2x a week. However, again my right leg has started to feek weaker. Not a limp again, but it’s mostly in my knees and whenever I run my right foot hits harder on the ground and I can feel the pain in my knees.

Now the thing that got me worried about MS is my right arm has become weaker. I have trouble writing, typing on computers and weaker grips when holding light objects like a cigarette or paper.

I want to know if injury/weakness in the right leg can actually radiate to your arm and if so how? And if excessive HIIT can cause these injuries?

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  • Eva
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    You need a doctor check up. At your age, your knees should not be hurting. It could actually be something in your back or your feet that is throwing you off. HIIT can cause all sorts of overuse injuries.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Probably the cigarettes causing bad blood flow in ur arms and legs thats how it causes gangrene and diabetes

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  • 8 months ago

    Actually, considering you’re overweight it could be Diabetes. It’s called Diabetic Neuropathy. You should get your blood sugar levels checked. 

    I know someone who has MS it took them about 10 years before it started to feel like you describe. It’s also less common in men and usually diagnosed around the age of 40. 

    • Eskayy8 months agoReport

      My blood sugar levels are normal

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