Can a priest lose his job/ position if he swears at teenagers?

This story is kinda old now, but happened in my city of residence.

There is a cathedral in the city, and there was a priest that worked there for years. One day, a group of teen skateboarders came onto the church premises and played around. The priest came out and told them "move!... off the property"

Things turned crazy when the priest spoke to one of the skateboarders "stained by the sperm of these boys that f*** you! Get off the property!" Then the priest knocked off the boy's cap from his head angrily. 

The priest then told the skateboarders repeatedly "get off the property, you f****** c****" then picks on one of them, who is Asian, and says "get back to where you come from, you fool. You don't belong in Australia... look at the little foreigner over there. Look at him - seedy eyes, black hair..."

The priest repeatedly calls them "fools" and "f****** c****" before authorities come to resolve the matter.

Although the issue was bought to the attention of the police, the priest was not arrested because his actions were "legally justified as he acted in self-defence".

Is swearing, hitting and racial abuse really common for a priest? I get that no one really likes teenagers (stereotypes exist for a reason).  Still I don't know if the priest's behaviour was too much? He also said to one skateboarder (who looked 14): "You have d**** up your a***. I can tell just by looking at you!" Wow.

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    You really don't think there was cause and effect here -- that the incident was not  prompted ,solely by the kids actions ?

    That doesn't excuse the priest for his reaction ,but it doesn't mean the "kids" part in this incident should be ignored , and them simply given a  free pass.

    There was no right and wrong here -- just two wrongs .

    Hence the reason for the police using their discretion.

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    Yes,is that someone afraid after he probably did what is written in this long line question...

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    The Catholic Church doesn't even punish priests for raping children. Do you really think they care that some old fart swore at you? That's like 5 'Hail Marys', tops.

    • I was not involved in this situation. It's a video uploaded on Youtube and when the incident occured, I wasn't even living in the same state.

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