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Is coal dead?

Murray Energy, once a symbol of American mining prowess, has become the eighth coal company in a year to file for bankruptcy protection

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    The demand for coal has declined to the point that the US can't even export it. This is good news for the world and not necessarily bad news for the miners. Trump says they're incapable of doing anything else, which is BS. How about the government helping them with training for useful jobs instead of trying to keep the coal companies propped up with subsidies, like the Stable Genius wants? What's so terrible about having a job where you don't get BLACK LUNG?

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    Coal took a hard hit when they turned own the idea of putting in a belt line to move it to the west coast. For export. It is cheaper for most coal using Nations to import coal from Australia. Malaysia. & that area. Than from the U.S. As they say. If they can buy it a sintago a ton cheaper from the other guy. That is were it is bought. Little Trump can do about that. So for the U.S. it is at present declining as it can not compete against natural gas today. 

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    If you look at history energy sources change all the time, coal was much more widely used 150 years ago, whale oil used to be a massive industry world wide it was considered the best oil for lamps. Of course changes in technology brought in petroleum and electricity which killed off whaling, which just became to expensive (the massive drop in whale numbers didn’t help either). Coal has been on a long slow decline globally, slowly being replaced by hydro, LNG, solar, wind and geo thermal. More recent advances like battery storage make things like solar and wind far more stable for grid use, but of course deners will never admit that, from their little fantasy world.

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    Coal is alive, it is used, it is mined, it is processed, it is exported, it is imported and coal will continue to be used even in future. India's electricity sector consumes about 72% of the coal produced in the country. China is the largest producer and consumer of coal in the world and is the largest user of coal-derived electricity.  China has the largest human population followed by India. India and China also need to import good quality coal and metallurgy grade from countries like Australia. Both India and China have large amount of domestic reserves of coal so naturally look at coal as source of energy. China is the largest producer as well as consumer of coal followed by India. 

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    A major U.S. coal mining company, whose former CEO became a big ... Donald Trump in his effort to save coal jobs, is seeking bankruptcy protection. ... Character edge style ... Ohio-based Murray Energy filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy ... that have sought bankruptcy protection this year include Blackjewel ...

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    Yes, Coal is dead long ago.

  • 3 weeks ago company doesn't mean that. I remember when Montgomery Wards was huge but them going away doesn't mean retail is gone.

    There has been a lot of unnecessary pressure put on the coal industry. That doesn't mean there isn't a place for it.

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    Freddie is dead I know about.

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    Yes. Nobody is buying from the USA.

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