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 a gaseous mixture made of 6.00g of 02 and 9.00g of CH4 is placed in a vessel at 0c. what is the partial pressure of each gas and what is the total pressure in the vessel? the volume of vessel is 10.0l.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    That's 0.375 moles of O2 and 0.5625 moles of CH4.

    p = nRT/V

    = (0.9375 mol)(8.314 Pa*m^3/molK)(273.15 K)/(0.01 m^3)

    = about 200 kPa but use a calculator.

    Then the partial pressures can be found,

    because the O2 exerts 6/15 = 2/5 of the pressure,

    and the methane exerts 9/15 = 3/5 of the total pressure.

    • david3 weeks agoReport

      is it 0.9375*8.314*273.15/0.01=21.290

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