can my laptop run the new Total war games?

Britainna/warhammer/attila/rome II/three kingdoms

intel core i5 16gb ram GPU intel 2000/3000 sandy bridge 500gb SSD

2 Answers

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    8 months ago

    It may be able to barely run the older of the set at a lower 720p resolutions at low settings, so you would have to try to see your tolerance of the slowness\look of it.   The Total war games require a dedicated graphics chip for normal play, which your laptop does not have.  Your laptop being  an older generation also will make it struggle or impossible to play.

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  • 8 months ago

    Enter the name of each of the games ... one at a time ... and allow the site to examine the hardware of your computer and it will tell you if your computer can run the game(s).

    If your computer can't run a game it will indicate which piece(s) of hardware need to be upgraded.

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