Dan Marino's 1995 Moment: He Became The NFL's All-Time Career Passing Yards Leader?

Record Breaking For Dan The Man (As Of 2019)


Best Miami Dolphin In History 

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  • Cu Tie
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    8 months ago
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    Dan Marino did it all, except for winning a Super Bowl Championship. Oh, how things would have been different if the Pittsburgh Steelers would have drafted Marino. With Marino on the Steelers, I believe the Steelers would have won the 1984 AFC Championship Game. A Super Bowl between the 1984 San Francisco 49ers and a Steelers team with Dan Marino would have been one for the ages!

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  • 8 months ago

    Great moment in sports history even though the record he broke was held by the QB of my team (Fran Tarkenton).  How is this a question BTW?

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  • Imagine if Dan Marino had played under today's passing rules, how many 5,000 Yard Seasons would he have gotten? How many 50 Touchdown Seasons would he have gotten. Imagine how may Regular Season Wins, AFC Championship Games and Super Bowls Dan Marino could have gone to if The Dolphins have ever bother to draft a Work Horse Running Back?

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