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What should I do?

My bf and I have been basically living together for about 3-4 months. We have been dating for a year and a few months. Yesterday while he was at work, I called him crying because of how bad my cramps were, telling him I may need to call an ambulance because I was getting sick etc.. He comes home, steps out of the room multiple times, makes food and stands in the kitchen to do so (about 30 mins), comes in the room, eats, then gets on Xbox. I usually say he can because it's not a problem unless he's spending every hour on it and not spending anytime with me.. He got on about 7 and didn't get off until 11... I fell asleep about 9 because I was sitting there waiting for him to get off to spend time with him. I brought it to his attention how it made me feel some type of way because I haven't been feeling good all day, barley even spent an hour with me, then got on the game, spent all day on it, got off, and went to bed just to wake up and wake for him to get home again.. He did apologize last night, but I'm still kinda upset over it. It's cold out atm so we can't go do anything, and if we sit here and watch tv, he'll fall asleep due to his job. I play Xbox with him sometimes, but when we aren't playing together he's playing with his friends so I don't join until he's done playing with them.. What should I do to break his cycle of doing the same thing everyday and get him to do other things with me

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  • Foofa
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    You should recognize that not only is your boyfriend probably digitally addicted but that you can't rely on him in a pinch. Surely you have other friends who could have taken you to the ER if you really needed that. When we choose unreliable people as romantic partners we need to make sure we have friends and family around to take care of us in an emergency. I won't judge someone who picks a fun partner over a reliable one. But just don't make the mistake of thinking he'll be there for you when you need him.

  • mmm
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    4 weeks ago

    1. do not expect a man to want to spend time with a woman with cramps

    2. do not tell him when he can and cannot play xbox

    3. get yourself a life - waiting on him to get home so you can be entertained by him is not going to be healthy - that's a lot of pressure for one person

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    Are you pregnant and were in terror you were miscarrying? Were you in fear for your life? I simply can not imagine calling up a boyfriend and asking him to come home from WORK because you had bad cramps and wanted him to come home and sit by you. That is massively disrespectful to both him and his job. If you have to call an ambulance, then you call an ambulance and let him know you're going to the hospital. He CAN'T CURE CRAMPS. I think your expectations and demands are totally out of whack. He didn't expect to come home and sit at your side for hours because you have cramps. Dear, that's ridiculous. So, he ditched work and played on his games. Sorry about that. Expecting him to spend hours at your side because you are having menstrual cramps is not a reasonable expectation. If you think you are dying or have fallen horribly ill, call an ambulance.

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