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My boyfriend dosent like me wearing leggings.?

My boyfriend and I have fought about this multiple times. He never tells me i cant wear them but he asks me not to wear them to work for example. Which makes me feel obligated to not wear them so he doesnt get mad. He states they are not pants. That you can literally see my bootaay jiggle. And that guys will literally follow me around a store to watch my butt. I have told him before that I cant do this relationship if this is a constant thing. And all he asks is that I understand where he is coming from which I do but sorry I'm not going to not wear something because guys might check my butt out. Also adding I dont wear them to be checked out I wear them because they comfy af! Also I almost always wear a long cut shirt with them. 


Okay well just needed advice sorry there wasnt a question. Why bother commenting anything then.

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    It's a difficult one because it seems silly to lose a relationship over a simple request. However, the request isn't one that should have been made in the first place. 

    No matter what you wear, men will check out your butt if you have a good one and as much as I understand that leggings can accentuate this feature, they are also comfy as hell and most of us live each day in them when we can. 

    Is this just a simple request or is this a red flag to future behaviour? I cannot say. 

    However, I feel you should stand your ground - it is not your responsibility to appease his insecurities. Surely he should feel happy to show you off as he knows that he is the one that gets to take you home in the evening.

    I worked at a bar where we dance routines on occasion and wear shorts etc, however, my partner loves to show off that it is him that I am with. I don't dress that way the rest of the time and he knows me as a person but when asked if he gets jealous he says 'nah, I'm cucking all these guys because she's leaving with me'. 

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    he is right he is a good man consider marriage that means he wants you all to himself and he knows your so fine and doesn't want anyone else to enjoy it like he does take it as a compliment

  • mmm
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    9 months ago

    he is correct - 100 percent - no leggings to work

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    I love leggins too, they are just about all I wear for the comfort and versatility.  When you get down to it - they are pretty revealing.  I can see how your bf is put off  by you wearing them, I can see how you resent him for it.  After all, I am sure he would have a problem with you dictating what he wears.  The way I see it, you both have to give 50//50 here.  IF you are ok covering up as much as possible when wearing them, then he will have to be ok with it.  And between you and me - Leggings are not really work attire.   Save them for when you guys go to the Mall.   Good luck to you :)

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  • Eva
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    9 months ago

    As long as your shirt covers your butt, there should be no problem. Personally I hate to see leggings at work as they seem unprofessional.

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    9 months ago

    Do you actually have a question?

  • Dave
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    9 months ago

    Dump the moron. Why date someone that wants to dictate who you are and how you dress? Self respect. Get some.

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    you did not post a question here.  ranting is against the terms of service for yahoo answers.  there are other forums that are more appropriate to whine on

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