If Medicare For All will cause unemployment in Healthcare, do you see a reason Trump will be against it?

The ridiculous Argument Republicans Raise through the idiot question

"Where will the money come from?"

is not the reason Trump will be against it.

The reason he will be against is it will increase unemployment, when all providers are paid at Medicare rates and insurers work for the Medicare program.

By the way as far as the idiot question is easily answered

The 3.2 trillion per year will be paid as additional taxes, and it will replace the 3.2 trillion per year we now spend for healthcare in the US.

Just to add my two cents, we will eventually go to single payer in the US, so when we do, we will have to accept the unemployment it will cause, to get a better healthcare system.

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  • 1 year ago
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    So I guess we should never have allowed cars since that put so many farriers, stable owners, and schitt shovelers out of work.  Same with computers since it greatly reduced the need for secretaries, typewriter repairmen, adding machine companies, slide rule producers, etc.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Your so-called question is a farce. Please re-think it and try again.

    Oh, and please TRY to answer the REAL question, where will the money come from

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