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I feel like there's lots of middle class jobs that a person with a Computer Science degree can get. Is that true?


For example, being a data analyst at U-Haul

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  • Alex
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    9 months ago
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    A CS degree is great if you have the personality to want to experiment and figure things out for yourself.

    This is contrast to preferring having someone show you how to do new things.  People who need to have their hand held usually don't do well in jobs requiring a CS degree.

  • y
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    9 months ago

    Get and keep are two different things, I know many that we not able to find work and keep it. Becouse they lacked the knowledge that experience brings them. I know others working with that degree but not in the field.

  • Judy
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    9 months ago

    A CS degree with good grades can qualify you for a lot of jobs with good pay.

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