Can someone help me find a Harry Potter yu yu hakusho crossover fic?

When Shuichi was young he and his parents (his dad's still alive) go to England and end up in Godic hallow that fatefully night. While his parents slept he was awake, he felt an energy (magic?) And soon saw a roof get an extreme makeover (a hole was blasted through or something) and goes to look (it's the potter's home) he find both James and Lily unconscious but alive, a pile of ash and a bleeding baby girl(fem!harry can't remember her name) who happens to his mate. Kurama sprites the baby away to where his parents are staying, he spends the rest of the night caring for his infant mate, planing their future. His parents wake to this and ask where he found the baby, he BS's that someone left her on the doorstep. They keep her kurama renamed her (can't remember that either). They go back to Japan, later on kurama's dad died, and when kurama's mom is hurt trying to protect him (fem) harry heals her "boo boo go away" kurama and his mom agree to keep it secret and search for someone to try (fem)Harry they find Genkai. Genki sort of blows kurama's cover (I think his mom thinks he has spiritual powers and doesn't know about demon yet). Genkai trains the two. When fem harry is eleven her Hogwarts letter has difficulties, her name fades in and out or something similar, so Flitwick goes deliver the letter in person, but Kurama talks to him, telling the professor that harry in being tutored and it's agreed that harry doesn't need to go. Extra info: Kurama has a "sister" complex.

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  • 8 months ago

    Have you tried 

    • trouble8 months agoReport

      Yep, but no luck, I could be scrolling right pass it because, the big thing is I don't remember the name 

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    yeah i can kuwabara weasley

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