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what kind of engine is this?

2.0l l4 dohc 16v turbo, can you explain please? I dont know anything about cars and im in the market for buying one. I found one that I really like, its a 2017 Honda Civic sport hatchback and it'll be my first car (im still in school), im not looking for something particularly fast but I do wanna have fun with it, so please share your knowledge with me. Thanks in advance!

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  • 3 weeks ago

    2.0 Liter (122 cubic inches) Inline 4-cylinder, Dual Overhead Cam, 16 Valves, with a turbo.

    As long as it's been maintained and hasn't been abused, they are pretty solid.

  • 3 weeks ago

    The low down: It  Can kick butt,  but also deliver good mileage if driven conservatively

      Being a Civic, you Must replace timing belt at 60 K, beyond that, bulletproof. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    It's of 2 litre capacity (about 122 cu in), with 4 cylinders and four valves per cylinder, meaning good gas flow both in and out of the cylinders. It's also boosted by a turbocharger. Quite a high performance engine, and a good revver. It has an excellent reputation and can be quite economical if you drive "sensibly".

  • 3 weeks ago

    A Honda Civic is a good car to start with. 2 litre is the engine size. Engine sizes range from about 600 cc to 7000 cc so yours is smaller but should give you good gas milage I tjing you said 16v, that means because it is a 4 cylinder you have 4 valves per cylinder. Good luck with your car purchase

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  • don r
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    4 weeks ago

    I could tell you more to help with your understanding, but it would take months since you don't know anything about cars yet. Honda makes strong, efficient and reliable engines. With regular maintenance, you can enjoy that car all through high school and college, then hand it down to your kid sister for the same.

  • david
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    4 weeks ago

    That is a great car!  Honda is the biggest engine manufacturer in the world because they make great engines.  They are smooth, pleasant sounding, efficient, and durable.  

  • Greg
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    4 weeks ago

    2.0 Liter, Inline 4 cylinders, Double overhead cams, 16 valves, turbocharged.

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