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Did we find a Celtic pirate burial? Was this the tomb of a siren? Does our find fit with Celtic burial customs?

We found a strange treasure pit on sanibel which might be similar to the one on oak island. We were building a sand castle and dug down three feet and found a strange concrete slab with a tile mosaic bearing the image of a heaven scene and it had an inlaid iron cross.

We dug a second pit next to the first one to get around the slab that might cover the treasure. We found the slab was 10 feet by 10 feet and three feet thick. We dug next to it and found a layer of clay. We dug through the clay to a depth of nine feet and tunneled under the slab. The clay was impermeable and we were able to keep the water bailed from the hole. 

Beneath she slab we found a row boat that contained an ornate marble urn full of ashes, several ornate jewelry boxes with images of flowers made with tiny seashells glued together with wax. Inside these boxes we found lots of ornate seashell jewelry. We also found an ornate lace dress inside a large sea chest inside the boat.

There was also a decorated wood paddle that was painted blue that read Tara Paige

and it had the image of three interlaced triangles on it in inlaid pearls it also bore images of pansies created with seashells and lots of detail made with glued together tiny bits of paper.

There were also scores for music songs such as Flowers of the Forest, Last Rose of Summer, Water Is Wide and other Celtic standards. We also found an ivory narwhal horn in the boat, as well as a deteriorated leather bound copy of the King James Bible. 


Was the paddle left for Tara Paige’s ghost to make the journey across the western ocean to find her way to the Isle of Avalon in the utmost west. How ancient is this? Is the clay layer out there to protect the boat from decaying from exposure to water. Is the music for her to enjoy in her journey to Avalon. Is there more buried deeper like there is on oak island? We at ten feet deep had our hole rapidly flood when we dug through the clay into a layer of loose waterlogged crushed shell

Update 2:

Did Celtics protect tombs with flood out tomb raiders booby traps. Is there the possibility of a great treasure buried 200 feet below? What year was this from? What is the significance of the three interlaced triangles on the paddle? Why was the musical scores buried with the urn? Was this the tomb of a witch? Prophet? Priest? Sea captain? Pirate? Ancient queen?

Update 3:

Someone said that the paddle was a sorority paddle, and were they mistaken? How would a sorority paddle end up in a Celtic tomb? How would it end up in a pirate tomb? I assume the seashell boxes and lace dress are ancient as well as the jewelry? Someone wouldn’t go to the effort of making this stuff today when we have industrial production? 

Update 4:

Were sirens known to hoard vast wealth in caverns or under the sand on their islands. Were they personifications of greed as they wrecked ships just to amass treasure that they would never even need or have use for. Is the burial of a powerful siren?

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    Most doubtful. Pirates were not into Christianity and most of what you talk about is of Christanity origin

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