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Any good dad/mom/son names for a story, that go with Davis?

I am currently writing a fictional story aka a potential script for a television show, about a woman (Delilah) who loses her husband (Jesse) to cancer, moves back home to where she re-connects with her sister (Simone) who helps her move past her husband's death and eventually finds love with her former boyfriend (Cameron).

Delilah is 29 (b. July 10, 1990), Jesse is 32 (b. May 18, 1987), Cameron is 30 (b. October 25, 1989), Simone is 32 (b. August 21, 1987), Dean Coleman 31 (b. March 4, 1988)

Main Character(s): Delilah Mayfield, Jesse Mayfield, Cameron Grey, Simone Davis, Dean Coleman. I already have a list of actors in mind to play the certain characters, I just need name help!! Need some names for Simone's son, I was torn between Jensen, Kaiden, Julian, Camden, Liam, Caleb or Ryder. Must flow well with last name Davis & Coleman. 

Need some names for Delilah & Simone's parents as well. The last name is Davis. I thought Michael Davis but idk if that's too generic, and idk about the mom. 

Any suggestions would be grateful! 

Thank you!



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    So you don't understand the Simone character well enough to figure out what she would have named her child?  That doesn't bode well for your script/story.  A good story is about the characters and their choices, not about what you (or a bunch of strangers on the internet) think "sounds good" with another name.  

    I suppose, having no idea about Simone or her story, I'd avoid another name starting with C, K, or J since you already have character names starting with those sounds.  So maybe Liam or Ryder?  

    But I have to wonder whether the name ideas you listed are names that you, the author, likes or are they names that Simone likes (and why would she like them)?  Have you given much thought to Simone's feelings and how she would have named her child or what role this child's father would have had in naming him?

    Use the same type of logic for picking names for Delilah & Simone's parents.  What were their families like?  What were Delilah & Simone's grandparents like and how would they have named their children?  Remember each parent would have a different family background and their parents didn't know they would end up together so their names may not "match".  So were either of the families religious family that the parents would have named after a saint or something?  What country were they from and would they have a name reflecting that culture?  Given about the time the parents would have been born, would the grandparents have chosen "hippie" name or a more traditional name?  Would their family background had any influence on why they named their kids Delilah & Simone?

    If you don't feel that type of background matters at this point, then literally pick any name for the parents - it doesn't matter at all.  Go with Michael and Julia and focus on writing the story.  A lot of beginning writers get distracted with picking names and birth dates when they need to focus on building complex, believable characters and developing a story to show these characters off.  

    Good luck.

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    Simone’s kid should be called Noah,

    Her parents should be called Renée and Malcolm Davis. 👍🏼

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    The names don't mean a damn thing here. Pick something and get on with your story like a writer is supposed to do. You are wasting time on something insanely trivial and unnecessary.

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    Fred, Julia, and Davey.

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    Too long, didn't read. Nobody cares about names that "go with" other names. You obviously are not actualy writing a story; you are making up random days of the calendar. Nobody wants to read that sh*t. Take up another hobby. NOT basket-weaving; it's actually quite hard.

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