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Question About Brain Eating Amoeba?

Seriously stupid question about brain eating amoeba. I had a nose bleed and splashed some cold tap water after the bleeding had stopped. I splashed water two different times and was wondering if I could somehow get a brain eating amoeba? I know it is stupid but I remembered how a woman using a neti pot with tap water had gotten the amoeba and she ended up dying. So what are the chances of that happening to me? The water didn't go too much up into my nose just slightly above where the nostrils are, I also live in Canada. I am seriously freaking out.

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    Where did the water come from. Tap water or stagnant lake water. 

    If it’s from the faucet, you’re safe. I assume Canada has the same laws when it comes to drinking water. It must be free of pathogens.

    Stagnant water is what you have to worry about. Stagnant water is great for bacteria, mosquitoes, and just about everything else because it doesn’t move so the sun warms it up. Since it doesn’t move, it doesn’t get filtered by roots and plants. 

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    These amoeba can live in literally any fresh water source. (I'm assuming you mean Nagleria Fowleri)

    But they're also extremely rare, so the chances are pretty much ZERO.

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    One year ago, Kali Hardig went swimming at an Arkansas water park ... It was just a day earlier that Kali and two of her friends had piled into the ... When the doctors asked about doing a spinal tap to rule out ... gets flushed up your nose, there's a chance it can attach to the nasal ..... It just sounds ridiculous.

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