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Can anybody decipher this text?

I received this ring as a gift and I asked what the writing on the back was an I was told it is a talisman. If anybody can tell what it says that would be a lot of help.

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  • 7 months ago

    That looks like hebrew or aramaic. with the pentacle I would try some of John dees writing or language.  If its a sigil then its encoded in the writers own language.

    That by the way is NOT a runic alphabet

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  • 8 months ago

    I'm afraid I can't translate, but I'm pretty sure they're some sort of runes.  Runes have been used in many cultures in simplistic or complex forms, and are usually read from top to bottom as well as L-R and R-L.  Various Asian alphabets have their roots in runes, as does Arabic, however,  I would think these are more "primitive" runes as you would find in Northern Europe (Celtic, Nordic, Hungary, Turkish, witches' runes) or Native American.  I did a quick internet search to see if I could find some runes that might help identify what it might say but couldn't narrow anything down. I would lean toward Native American because of the star and the lines.  

    Are there any other markings on the inside of the ring?  Do you know what kind of stone it is, as that might help identify what part of the world it is from?  I would suggest you check out some of the sites on runes and send them the picture.

    Good luck and I'm sorry I couldn't help.

    • Jafar8 months agoReport

      Okay so I know that these are based on Arabic writing, and I believe the stone is yellow agate. Hopefully that can help? 

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