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Stomach problems in college... help!?

Hey everyone. This happened to me last year and the symptoms completely went away over the summer and now they’re back again. I was going to get a colonoscopy last year but my parents think that it’s probably unnecessary so I did not get it. I’m in college so my diet is a lot of fast food, my mom has celiac disease and my grandma (her mom) has diverticulitis and IBS. I’ve always been very gassy, but lately I have been alternating between constipation and diarrhea (many times in the same day). I will feel like I need to go, but I can’t, but when I finally do go, the stool is very soft so I don’t know why I am getting constipated because the stool is not hard at all. I also have a lot of cramps and pain, mainly in my lower left abdomen. I was tested for celiac disease and I was negative. Last year I also had a few months where I saw bright red blood on the toilet paper with bowel movements but I have not had that in a while. I’m 19 years old, and I’m very, very worried that it could be colon cancer although I have been reassured that it is very unlikely and my stomach problems are probably due to my family history of stomach problems. Thank you for any advice!

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    You can have straining and diarrhea in the same day.

    You can't have constipation and diarrhea in the same day.  It's not physically possible to have a bowel movement during the day and say you are constipated.

    "I’m in college so my diet is a lot of fast food,"

    huh?  The college students I know are educated about nutrition and strive to eat a healthy diet.  Giving yourself a pass "well, I'm in college so all I can eat is fast food". is stupid.  If you aren't already eating in the dining halls = join and start eating salads, healthy proteins, etc and see how quickly your situation improves. 

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    I see no question posed here

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    You might want to ask your doctor about the FIT test which is a test that checks for bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract.  If this comes back positive, they may want to run a colonoscopy or a esophagoduodenoscopy (an upper scope) depending on what comes back on the results. The FIT test is just where the lab needs to have a sample of your feces, and this is a non invasive procedure, and can tell you what issues you may have.  Also, you may want to consider getting some blood work done too.  This is what I would suggest to begin with before you consider something more invasive.  There are other tests and markers that they can do for celiac and other disorders through blood and feces samples first.  Hope that this helps.  There is obviously a family history, so this might help the doctor to run these tests.

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    Forget colon cancer (your numerous questions here show an obsession with this topic) and focus instead on celiac disease. Read up on it and CHANGE your diet. You need to eliminate hamburger buns, pizza crust, fried chicken, breakfast cereals, bread and bread crumbs, cookies and cakes, flour tortillas, ramen noodles, corn bread (it includes flour) and pasta. You can still have Chinese food (including rice noodles) and rice, grilled chicken, fish, meat, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, beans, chili, corn tortillas and most tortilla chips (read the labels). If you eliminate products containing gluten for a month and there's no change in your symptoms, then you probably don't have celiac disease. Also, if you live in a place with a kitchen, it's time to learn to cook your own meals so you can avoid foods that aren't healthy for you.

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    the milk can do it, it gave me allergies, I went into denial for 20yrs [ notmilk dot com ]

    read what they'll never tell you on tv, the doctors won't either.....ANYWAYS......foodbabe dot com maybe get the book, she tracked down all the garbage in the food, you can also read [ Wheat Belly or Cereal Killer ] at least read the amazon reviews, and your diet, of fast food is what's doing these books, the healthfood store I go

    to has them in the store......telll mom to stop drinking milk, and her issues will clear up in a cpl's the processing of the milk that F's it all up.......processing/additives/preservatives = a chemical soup, that's why you are all f'd up...check it out, fix yourself, fix mom and share with friends after you're healed up......

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    depends upon where the pain is. My son had IBS. Took a while to diagnose.

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    It is very likely coeliac disease, it is passed through families. I have it and guess what.... so does my mum and my brother. Go to the doctor and they will book for a coeliac blood test to see if you have it.

    • If you have coeliacs disease and you carry on eating gluten, you can cause serious irreversible damage to your intestines so it needs sorting asap. 

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