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will i get into plattsburgh with an sat score of 910? ?

i did really bad on the sat and i got a 910. will plattsburgh accept that? it says to apply  by december 1st. but i’m retaking the sat december 7th. should i wait until i retake the sat and then apply? i’d be applying december 20th if i wait. is that too late to apply? 

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    SUNY at Plattsburgh? 

    Do a google search : SUNY Plattsburgh. SAT

    Read a couple of different sites.

    This one say a SAT score under 1130 makes this school a reach university for you.

    Most students do raise their score the second time they take the SAT. But that is a large gap to get a 1130.  And a score of 1130 is still on the low side for this school.   

    Make sure you also apply to other universities you have a better chance at getting into,

    Call SUNY Plattsburgh admissions and ask if you could submit a December SAT. 

    When is the deadline date to apply? 

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