does windows 10 have as many features as windows 7 did?

i'm worried and reluctant about moving over to windows 10, as i've heard its more corporate and bland/ basic has less features than windows 7?

certain questions i have; 

1;  in windows 10, can you have a desktop wallpaper picture and customize the desktop like you can in windows 7?

2; does windows 10 come with a windows snipping tool?

3; in windows 10, can you change the colour scheme on the desktop and browser windows like you can in windows 7?

4; does windows updates in windows 10 cause at times to make you lose media files?

5; does windows 10 come with free games like chess, like you had with windows 7?

6; does windows 10 have inbuilt advertisements anywhere in it? if so, how do you block them?

finally;  are there just as many interesting features in windows 10 as there were in win 7?

those are my main questions.

i have a custom built windows 7 desktop computer and in january when microsoft support finishes, i plan on getting windows 10 installed on another hard drive in this computer so i have dual operating systems, as i don't want to leave win 7 behind.


many thanks once more to all the sensible helpful answers, greatly appreciated.

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  • 9 months ago
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    I didn't want to make the change either, but Win 10 is much better than 7.  Any feature 7 has, 10 has it too.

    To answer your specific questions (those that I can)

    1.   Yes, desktop wallpaper works about the same.  I have a folder full of photos and I have it set to change the wallpaper on both my screens every 3 minutes.

    2.  Not sure.3;  Yes.

    4;  I never saw that happen.  Updates work better!  In fact that's one of the best things about Windows 10.  Not just updates but drivers and stuff load automatically in the background.

    5; There are free games.  Not sure which though.6; No

    Microsoft wants everyone to be on the same version of Windows.  So Windows 10 will automatically update 'forever'.  Eventually it won't be Windows 10 or 11, it will just be 'Windows'.

  • wizard
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    8 months ago

    yes with out window 10 not can be done to window 7

  • 9 months ago

    Windows 7 was good but 10 is far superior now that it’s been updated multiple times. It’s not like several years ago when the download needed updates and was bad.

  • 9 months ago

    1 YES

    2 YES. The snipping tool has been incorporated in all versions of Windows since it was released in Vista

    3 YES

    4 NO. This would have to be a major glitch for you to lose media files on an update. I manage over 100 computers in my company and have worked there ever since Windows Vista days and have never, ever, had something like you describe to happen. So theoretically it "can" happen but it's just not normal if it does

    5 YES

    6 NO

    7 It has MORE features than Win 7 

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  • 9 months ago

    Good call for retaining a hard drive with Win 7.  I have a tower like that.  I still use the Win 7 for Windows Media Center, which Win 10 does not have.

    Win 10 also does not do the Classic theme quite the same.  For a while I used a shortcut on Win 10 to run particular programs in compatibility mode.

  • John
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    9 months ago

    w10 has many more features and capabilities.

  • 9 months ago

    Well, Win 10 trumps 7 by a margin. Short answers::

    1 yes

    2 Not something from MS.

    3 Yes

    4 Nope.

    5 Yes

    6 No

    finally: All of windows 7 and more.

    Best place to read about 10 is Microsoft blogs, tutorials,  Help and support.

  • Bill-M
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    9 months ago

    Windows 10 has more features and is a much better OS.  Windows 7 is soon to be no longer supported with security updates.

    One Thing that Windows 10 has is it's own Anti Virus Program.  so you don't need a third party AV.

  • 9 months ago

    Ignore the spam troll.

    LOL at the 2 downvotes.

  • 9 months ago

    Despite what you've heard, Windows 10 has many more features, it's faster, and still retains much of the look and feel of Windows 7. My windows 10 desktop looks just like my windows 7 desktop did.

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