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Self harm on arm no STUPID answers?

I self harmed by making a deep cut in my forearm and now I can't make a fist with my hand should I see a doctor or go to the emergency department


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    Yes go to see an emergency doctor.  If you cannot make a fist, you may have injured a tendon or ligament in your arm.

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    If you can’t make a fist, you cut tendons, not nerves. They need to be repaired by ortho in the OR. The ER can’t repair that. If you have insurance call ortho ASAP. The ER will do first care such as a splint,  close skin if less than about 30 hours. etc.

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    You could have cut a nerve

    Call 911

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    Yes you should see two doctors. One to work on your arms and another to work on your head.

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    Emergency department:

    -A lot of blood that is either pouring or spurting out of the wound (apply pressure with a towel and call an ambulance NOW)

    -You have fainted, or you feel very faint with blurred vision 


    Doctors appointment tomorrow: 

    -Wound is no longer bleeding 

    -You are not in considerable pain 

    -Clean the wound with cold water and bandage to prevent any infection 

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    9 months ago

    Moron.  Why waste medical resources?

  • 9 months ago

    i would go to the er and get some help for your issues

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    If you cannot use your hand well, it may mean you caused permanent nerve damage. Go see a doctor immediately before things worsen. You could also have an infection, but the ONLY way to know exactly what's going on is to visit a medical professional.

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    I think it was stupid for self harming yourself. Go to er and they will ask you what happened. When you tell them you self harmed yourself they will send you to a mental hospital for an assessment. Then the hospital will hold you for at least 72 hours as required by law. This is what will happen bc this happened with a relative. A doctor will send you to the er.

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