First NASCAR race - Tips?

I've always wanted to go to a NASCAR race, and I lived about 20 minutes away from the Homestead-Miami Speedway. My dad's a racing fan and I grew up watching along with him, but for one reason or another, we've never made it to a race. We moved a few months ago and now we live about 1 mile away from the speedway. It's literally behind our house and I'm currently sitting in my backyard listening to the cars. I planned on getting tickets and going with my dad, but he's leaving on an emergency business trip on Monday and he has to spend tomorrow prepping all he needs to get done for that, so he won't be able to go. None of my friends or other family members are interested in racing or coming along with me, and since this is the last year the championships are going to be here in Homestead and I've wanted to go to a race my whole life, I don't want to pass this year up. I bought a ticket for tomorrows Ford EcoBoost 400 and I am going alone! I'll be in the Front Stretch, row 20. Any tips for someone going for the first time (and alone)?

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  • funnel
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    5 months ago

    Well its 3 mos later? and I just saw this question. I so hope you had a good time at Homestead. Daytona would be a better pick and I would love to ever just visit Florida one time and see the July Daytona race and go fishing for some giant Florida Bass and experience the waterspouts. I'm a from Virginia storm freak. But heres my tips for enjoying stock car racing anywhere.  Been going to the races for decades and have seen some incredible things.

    Go karting on a dirt track preferably and feel the exhilaration of broad sliding.

    Find a safe dirt field somewhere and feel the exhilaration of sliding around in your car/truck etc.

    Go to local short tracks, dirt and asphalt. Pick a favorite driver. Follow and see if he/she makes it to the big time. Make small bets on your favorite driver. That will tend to keep your attention on whats going on. 

    Nascar like many sports can become boring unless you know what is actually happening so again go to local short tracks with short races and learn the rules.

    Go to an Enduro stock car race. The cars are truly stock and the only time the race is stopped is if the track is completely blocked, a fire or if somebody needs medical. It's a blast. Not the part if somebody gets hurt, please don't get me wrong there.

     Sit in an area with like minded people that aren't there to start fights and be idiots. Drinking is ok unless the drinkers are those types. If you see it happening early on like at any event....move away from it. I had to deal a few times. At most local short tracks its open seating.

    Pick a driver in the big league Nascar Monster Energy series and watch the races.

    Homestead will be way more something to look forward to.

    However, to me Nascar has become boring as in way to much in line racing except for Daytona, Talladega,Bristol and Martinsville. Bristol and Martinsville? still good ole time short track races. Daytona and Talladega still race side to side bumper to bumper in groups and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. ''The Big One'' is usually inevitable and usually more than once. Again, I don't ever or never want to see anyone get injured or God forbid, killed. But crashes are a draw and if anybody says different they lie. I don't know why other super speedways tend to not have this. Bristol and Martinsville still have the attraction of back in the day fender banging and tempers flaring. 

    Richmond used to be good when it was a half mile basically flat oval. I saw Richard Petty win there about 7 times. It sucks since they changed it to 3/4 D. One September race there as a teen (I'm tellin my age) I saw on the last lap Bobby Allison spin Petty coming off the fourth turn with Petty leading in his Petty Blue and STP Red Dodge. Richard spun right, az end up over the guardrail enough to take out several sections of catch fence then pop back up off the guardrail miraculously not poppin his rear tires still in front of Allison going past the flag stand and make the next lap to finish with the win. Happened right in front of me, slack jawed like most, as my seat was on the fourth turn. It was incredible and is just one of many great moments in Nascar and outlaw stock car racing I'll never forget which is why I write this book of an answer in hopes you will go to the races several times and have your own.

    Have to add I hate today's fiberglass crap and the body decal paint job with the fake head lights and fake exhaust pipe crap. And it sucks that all the cars tend to look the same It was so cool back then to see all metal body cars with riveted sheet metal over the head and tail light buckets and actual real paint.  Old school ruff n tuff and you could tell what brand of car it was with a glance. Today its kinda ruined cuz they tend to all look alike. It was great back then, you could tell a Chevy from a Ford from a Chrysler product again, simply with a glance and I'm very thankful I got to see so much of it. 

    Hope this long answer will inspire you to have a life time of memory's of stock car racing like I have. There's a generation waiting to be born that won't think a thing about today's drivers or any of today's or early Nascar history.

    Also I'm bored right now so hey...why not write an article instead of an answer? Still...thanks for your question. Tawkinboutdagonolestockcarsgoinvroomman.

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Always take a full headset to cover your ears.  Hope you did that!

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  • 8 months ago

    stay home and watch tv

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  • DIEGO.
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    8 months ago

    good question !

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Its fun!

    For the spring race that they now have, try and get garage passes. You can meet so many drivers.

    For your first race, just bring headphone and arrive a few hours early due to traffic.

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