Is acrylic pain poisonous?

So, im doing thia big project for my boyfriend, im basically papermacheing a pickle jar to make it have a handle and everything. Then im planning to drill a hole through the lid to add a straw and everything, Than painting it, I was painting the lid with acrylics and it decide to cross my mind that maybe the acrylic could get inside somehow and poison him or something? I wanna make sure this is safe for him, here is the lid and the acrylics have no warnings on the bottles (dont have the packaging anymore)

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  • 8 months ago
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    Acrylic paint is not food safe, but I don’t think having it on the outside would hurt anything. That said, I’m not sure that a jar decorated with papier mache and acrylic paint would hold up too well as a drinking container.

    • Kit8 months agoReport

      Ok, thankyou, whys that with the paper mache?

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