What is Existence??How you define Existence?To Exist you must be One or remain One in a state of Balance with certain Criteria of A species?


Every species including Universe is in a struggle to remain in a state of balance, Nothing is truely One Except God Almighty. 

Update 2:

Astrophysics will tell you Universe is expanding by dark Energy,but Darkmatter holding it in A balance.It appears Universe is struggling to remain in a Balance of Unity or one a definition of existence found in scriptures

Update 3:

Quran Chapter 112. The Unity, Sincerity, Oneness Of Allah

1. Say: He is Allah, the One and Only;

2. Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;

3. He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;

4. And there is none like unto Him.

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    Genesis 2:7

    And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

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    Everything is always in perfect balance, and cannot ever be other than 'what it is', at the given moment, by it potential 'to be' what it is.  Existence is not a result of "doing" or "having" anything, but a result of what one 'is' and has 'become'.  Balance and Oneness, already come as the default of existence, by way of the 'Allness' of Divine Order; which is all there ever is, or could possibly be.  Humans are limited by not always being in awareness of it.   


    The human mind and intellect cannot know all there is to possibly know, which requires knowing the entire history of existence, up to the moment.  We typically end up with answers that lead to more questions to be asked, because "knowledge only begets evermore knowledge" to acquire.  Hence, it is said, "the wise only know that they know nothing", as Socrates confessed at the end of his life. 


    We cannot fathom the 'Magnitude' and 'Enormity' of the 'Totality of Existence'; which cannot be restricted to the boundaries of a 'this' and 'that', 'here' and 'there', 'now' and 'then'.  Like a "fish being unaware of the sea in which it swims", we assume that the "water" comes from the ocean, itself, without the awareness of a much 'grander source', beyond our perception.   


    However, humans have the capacity to become aware of the things we cannot observe by the influence and effect they have on the things we can (i.e., "dark" matter and energy).  Just because we cannot put 'potential' in a lab, and "measure it", isn't a reason to suppose it "isn't there".  The mind and it's perception are limited to "finite form", yet we have a concept of the 'infinite' and 'formless'. 


    The 'nonlinear' that always effects and results in the "linear"; just as the 'emptiness' of the sky allows "clouds to pass freely".  'Silence and stillness' are the ever-present background that makes "sound and motion detectable".  It is out of 'intangible and formless' thought that ideas arise as "tangible form".  The entire "physical realm" is completely made of 'nonphysical properties', at the subatomic level. 


    'To exist', is fundamentally a nonlinear expression, as energy and matter is made to change form, which implies that existence is 'eternal' and 'uncaused', and not unlike an 'Omnipresent God', without "beginning and end".  Notice how materialist investigate the "origins of existence" through the "big bang", using the same exact science that tells that the nature of our cosmos is to 'conserve itself', by 'Cosmic Law'. 


    The opening passages of the Book of Genesis don't explain the "beginning of existence", as some might interpret.  The Presence of God signifies that existence, 'already exists'.  What the Bible is describing is the 'origins of form', as it say God made the "heavens and earth" from the 'formlessness' of "void and darkness", before saying, "Let there be light".

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    9 months ago

    Consciousness in movement with conscious movements !

  • 9 months ago

    The word is defined by the identifying name given to the object.

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  • Existence is what God has done for humanity, and more ..., little matter the Koran, I read the holy Bible that is, the word of God, besides this, I had my experience with Allāh!

  • 9 months ago

    So in order to prove your god you need to (unsuccessfully) redefine the meaning of the word "existence".  Probably because the basic meaning is that a thing is in a proven state of being.  So using that common meaning I exist, you exist, but you have failed to prove that your god exists!

    You've further made things complicated talking about balance with criteria within a species.  You provide no evidence that any single person in history has by any action changed species - just because you can write something down, does not make it true!

    You also seem to be making unsubstantiated claims on astrophysics!  Do you understand astrophysics, or is this just something that you have no clue about and so have decided to fit god in there.

    He said, she said, blah, blah blah - PROVE IT!


  • 9 months ago

    You have to be a SPIRIT to SPIRIT communucation with YHVH GOD or it is NOTHING as He is not interested in anything done in the flesh.

  • 9 months ago

    It's being alive.

    It's not navel-gazing

    And it's not rocket science..


    Oh, and there is *no* verifiable evidence any god critter thingies exist.


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    9 months ago

    The end of the second law of thermodynamics would be a cold, dark black hole singularity containing the entire universe, pulled back together by gravity, but by the way it would form, smashing together at great speed, it would destroy itself, and explode again. Energy cannot be created or destroyed it only changes form. There is existence, which is endless energy, and then there is perception, which is really, where time begins, and there is no time by perception, without perception. 

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    9 months ago

    Come into being.  Some of the greatest are in Imbalance, but most of us seek that.

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