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Can you charge your parents for stealing?

Not that I actually intend to, just wondering is I have grounds for pressing charges for the sake of an argument. I’m 26, my fiancée and I weren’t at our home, my parents came over and took all of my alcohol (about 4 bottles worth), and when I asked about it denied it and got mad at me for asking. Eventually I got it out of them that they did in fact sneak over and take it all, but they said they will replace it so “I have no right to be mad”. Not that I would go through the trouble of charging them over a few bottles of liquor, but they fail to see the issue with their actions, and I feel like what they did was definitely lying and stealing. They are just calling me a b*tch for being so upset about it, but I’m just bothered that I’m an adult living on my own and have to deal with this, it is something a 15 year old would do. I feel like if there were legal actions that COULD be taken, they might realize that what they did wasn’t “nothing” and I have the right to be mad. So yeah, just wondering what the stance is with that. I know it varies from place to place but generally speaking! 

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    There is no private criminal prosecution in the US.  If you think it wise, you can notify local cops. They may or may not investigate.  If they do, they can send the results to the DA who can decide to prosecute or not.  You, however cannot spend the taxpayers' money or manpower to prosecute or imprison them..   btw, the most likely charge is burglary.

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    You do not press anything the DA does, second change your damn locks. and finally

    STOP TROLLING such bullsh it questions,

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    Troll fail, dear.

    But just so you know: you can report a theft, but you can't charge anyone.  You don't have the authority.  

    The police wouldn't be interested in a dispute between parents and their child over a few bottles of liquor. They have far more important things to do.

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    Why do they have keys? Clearly they should not have keys.

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    Insist that your parents replace what they took. Then, be a grown-up and realize your parents ask for forgiveness rather than permission.

    Sure, you can press charges...even though you say you won't. So, do the next bset thing and either lock your doors or change your locks.

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    How were they able to enter your home when you were out? Do they have a key? If you gave them a key, you have given them permission, in the eyes of the law, to enter at will. Therefore, the issue of things disappearing would be considered by the police, if you were to call them, as a civil matter between you and those you accuse (who had your permission to be there).

    The legal action would be you suing them in civil court for the value of the stolen items. That certainly won't change their opinion of you and I don't see what it will accomplish. What WILL accomplish something is changing your locks and not giving them a key, and perhaps, installing cameras in your house exclusive of bathrooms and bedrooms, that can show what people are doing.

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    Your local prosecutor isn't going to be interested in a domestic disagreement. At worst this is a breach of family trust. Suing them is a non-starter - they could simply use the "oh no I didn't" defence.

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    Yes.  Even minors have charged a parent for stealing income when they were career managers.  And there were prosecutions, then paid fines and restitution. Not sure if any prison sentences came of them.

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    Which is why you should have stored the bottles

  • 1) Get liquor cabinet with locks

    2) Replace alcohol

    3) Change locks on your place so your parents don't have keys

    Treat them the way they would have treated you.  Give them the whole, "I didn't think there'd ever be a time when I couldn't trust you," speech.

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