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Why does my computer say Authentication not verified security concern when I try to scan a document?

I have a chromebook laptop and Im trying to scan something to it from my printer. Since I dont have a USB to connect them I had to figure out my IP address to make it register to the scanner from the laptop. However it now says "Security Concern Authentication not verified privacy..." something. I dont understand what this means. Does it mean the document can be seen by others or that my info on my computer has been compromised or what?

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    the printer presents a webpage. the webpage is not using HTTPS(encrypted connection) its just using HTTP, thus your CHROME has been made to reject any HTTP webpages. you should be able to PROCEED to the page by ignoring the warning. Its a CHROME thing making us all buy security certificates for our websites which obviously none of the printer makers will bother with.

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    security and authentication not verified mean that whatever password used was incorrect.

    to use a scanner with a Chromebook, you need special software (app). the scanner must EXPLICITLY support Chromebooks.

    i am unaware of any that do.

    printing sure, but not scanning. that is a job for a computer, not an internet only device like a Chromebook, which does not allow for saving files to it...

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    So you're connecting the two through wifi? That means you have to setup three devices - the laptop (Chromebook), the printer (with scanner) and the router (the wifi provider).

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    Your printer's scanner as a data source by way of the Internet is not recognized by laptop's operating system (Chrome?) as a secure source. Search how to solve or contact printer/scanner maker or Chrome help

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