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Is my friend flirting with me?

So this girl and I are both 18, first-year university students. Last night we're all playing pool, 3v3 and the girl specifically asks to be on my team. We're friends, but not too much outside of this friend group.

Then it just felt like whenever it was her turn, she'd be asking me for advice really enthusiastically, despite the fact that the other guy on our team is objectively better than me. Anyway, she just seemed to be super bubbly whenever asking me what to do for her shot and stuff like that. Eventually it's the other guy who ends up winning the game for us, but she ends up running over and hugging *me* instead, which felt like an overreactive measure to begin with, just grabbing my waist a few separate times.

It sort of feels like a signal to me but I'm not sure. 

Another note: a few days later, she randomly came into my dorm room without asking (which I was fine with), asked said that she just totally forgot this was where I lived (a few of her friends live close by to me) and then asked if I heard her singing down the hall, because it would be "really embarrassing" or something if I did. 

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    Yes she is into you. She is showing her affection in a kind of creepy, clingy way though. She wanted to ask you for advice on the game instead of the other guy because she wanted excuses to talk to you. She hugs you a lot because she wants to touch you. And I guarantee that she walked into your room with full knowledge of what she was doing. She just pretended she got the rooms mixed up. She probably was hoping to walk in on you getting dressed or something... And she asked you if you could hear her singing down the hall because she wanted you to. She wanted you to hear her, acknowledge her, and compliment her on her voice. Basically, this girl is seeking attention from you. Big time. If you like her, ask her out. I'd be cautious though. This girl seems like the clingy type that would never give you space..

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  • Alan H
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    Why not ask her to join you for coffee.

    See how she responds and take it from there 

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    Honestly it kinda seems like she’s into you. Its rough to put forth full judgement on the situation since I wasn’t there to see every bit with my own eyes but if i was in the situation myself I’d definitely think it was some sort of sign. You could make small moves back and see where things go and what she does then go from there if you wanted and are interested in pursuing a possible relationship with her.

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