Was anyone else annoyed/disgusted by the relationship between Arrow's Oliver/Laurel/Sara?

I just started watching arrow; I'm on season two and I just literally can't get over how no one addresses how gross that Oliver was dating Laurel, cheated with her baby sister, comes back from 5 years and is in love with Laurel, but Sara comes "back from the dead" and now they are kissing and having sex. It's weird and disgusting of Oliver AND Sara and yet the show portrays Laurel to be the bad guy who just does drugs and Oliver and Sara are just supposed to be the cutest couple that survived together?

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    That doesn't last very long. Sarah leaves, is bisexual, prefers women.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Possible Spoilers!  No, DEFINITE SPOILERS!

    It's been awhile, but basically the deal is that Laurel was always SUPPOSED to be Oliver's love interest.  She is in the comics.  However, these sorts of shows LOVE to squeeze every ounce out of the 'Will they/won't they' vibe.  So they want to throw barriers in front of the romance to tease it out over time.

    With Laurel though, the show f---ed it up.  First, Oliver cheating on her before the show started set them off on a bad place.  Second, the actor and actress had ZERO chemistry on screen.  I'm not aware of any offscreen problems (to the contrary they all lobbied for her return after she left the show for awhile), but onscreen, Laurel and Oliver had no chemistry.

    Third, there's the Sara thing, but more importantly, there's the OTHER woman that gets into the picture as the show goes on which, where you are I'm not sure if I should say because I might be spoiling.  Eh, I'll add a warning up top.  Felicity.  Felicity was very popular with part of the fan base (and despised by comic purists).

    But basically, Laurel was written so hostile to Oliver that they realized they couldn't reel her back in.  They couldn't make the romance work without it seeming forced.  So they gave up, and wrote her off the show.  ****, is that also a spoiler? 

    Anyway, since I'm spoiling, eventually Sara leaves to go head up the Legends show, so no, they don't get together either.

  • Nancy
    Lv 6
    4 weeks ago

    That's not the read I got off it. The show isn't making Laurel the bad guy. The show is portraying how emotionally hard it is for Laurel and how it is sending her off the rails. Oliver and Sara are in this weird place where Oliver feels like she owes something to Sara and is racked with guilt, feeling guilty about what he's done to both women. Sara isn't in a good place, either. She's very angry, and her relationship with Oliver is actually her, whether she realizes it or not, getting revenge on both of them by wrecking their happiness, because how dare they have been happy those years while she was in a living hell. I mean, she has to know that she's not really into Oliver because she's gay.

    Anyway, your read on the situation isn't right. I don't know. Maybe you've got some baggage or whatever that's making you look at it the way you're looking at it, but that's not the way it's actually being shown.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    You've never watched daytime soap operas I gather?

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