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Elli asked in Food & DrinkBeer, Wine & Spirits · 8 months ago

Aching legs and wrists after heavy drinking?

I don’t often drink and last night at a party I ended up drinking wayyy too much tequila. All day my legs and wrists weirdly have been aching really bad. I didn’t do much of anything physical, that I can remember, lol. Curious to know if anyone else has this during a hangover as this has never happened before. 

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  • Sparky
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    8 months ago

    Were you dancing?

    Did you trip and fall?

    Perhaps it's dehydration of your muscles?

    Is there any outer bruising?

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  • Adam D
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    8 months ago

    I get that sometimes too, especially the legs.  My thighs will feel as though I've been exercising or something even though I haven't.  I suspect it is somehow related to hydration and electrolytes.  Remember to choose sugar-free Gatorade when rehydrating, sugar ties up additional water molecules during digestion!

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