Tips to perform well in a Model UN conference?

Hi, so I'm a high school junior and this is my third conference. I won most outstanding delegate at my last conference and I'm so determined to win an award this time as well. I'd say I'm pretty good when it comes to public speaking but the only thing that concerns me is that some of the best people from the team are going to be in my committee and I have no idea how I can perform better than them. I really want to win best delegate and I really need some help on what to focus on during the conference. I've had a look at the rubric and I'm aware of how you should frame your topic, but I can't think of ways to be better and more eloquent than everyone else

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  • Ravi
    Lv 4
    1 year ago

    Guage your strength, weakness, opportunity and threat in given situation.

    There is nothing like perfect; one has to perform better all the time.

    Our competition is with none other than our own set of benchmarks.

    Keep learning, keep excelling!!

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