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Is my result conclusive?

I had three non risky exposures

1. Protected sex, status known (he's clean)

2. Un protected oral sex (unsure status)

Both happened two weeks apart (in May)

Took a HIV test in October 30th everything came out fine.

(22 weeks after, 4 months +) 

Is this official? Can I relax now?

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  • 8 months ago

    Its impossible to prove the absence of anything, so negative test results are never 100% conclusive.  What you can conclude is that you have no evidence of HIV and close to zero chance that the testing failed to detect an HIV infection.  Even without testing the odds of getting HIV from one unprotected oral sex encounter are extremely low.  You lower the odds even more if you never had any HIV symptoms, and with a negative test at 22 weeks, the odds of HIV get very close to zero.  Most people would consider themselves to be HIV-free in your situation. 

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