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How to deal with a jealous older brother?

My brother sees me as a competitor and not a brother and talks about me to his friends to try to bring me down a notch. The reality is there's some qualities about me and he wants me to take on some of his bad characteristics so he could learn my good ones. He has a conceited sense of self and has an inferiority complex and always tries to make others feel bad about themselves. He is a nurse major and has a lot of bad qualities from my dad including narcissistic personality disorder.

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    It's too bad he has to see some of your good points first in before he takes action to take you down.  I wouldn't get much closer to him, as you have a true understanding of his goals concerning you, and your character.  Are you in the same house?  If so, get an apartment, and lead your own Life, because I think he is seriously jealous of you but won't acknowledge it to himself.  He won't give up either.  It is time to think about protecting what is yours, and that is your own personality.  

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      Thanks for the BA!

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    Hopefully he'll get to move soon when he grows up.

    Just ignore him.

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    Typical sibling rivalry, and often it endures for a lifetime. Don’t pay attention to his digs. It’s good that you understand why he needs to do that.

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