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Those 11,000 scientists lamenting on “climate emergency.” Can I get a source that names these 11,000 scientists?

just a valid source...


not one valid source....thank you for saying it's fake.

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    Of course you cant see the names, but I do know that one of the signatories was Mickey Mouse from the Blind Mouse Institute

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    Not really hard to find, (if you had really been asking a real question) note the names that idiots like Watts are suggesting are not on the list, because Watts is (yet again) making stuff up. It would seem he’s trying to create the same errors that brought down deniers own petition years ago, but I’m guessing deniers will pretend they don’t remember that petition. Which had no info that would let you check if the people where real, this petition is quite different with detailed names and affiations for each person. Something deniers never even tried to do in theirs.

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    4 weeks ago

    Sorry but idrk bye

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    4 weeks ago

    I also would like to see where they get their funding from. Money corrupts 

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    4 weeks ago

    you're a right winger so you will only call something 'valid' if it comes from another right winger

    which is being bias / not objective and not scientific

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    I remember seeing a list which included such distinguished scientists as Charles Darwin.  That was the only ridiculous one I can remember but it seems Bart Simpson also made the grade.  That makes me sad because I would think Bart was smarter than that.  

    • Horse4 weeks agoReport

      There were 34 bogus names on the list, including Mickey Mouse.  They have since cleaned up the list.

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    Not on yahoo. Stop being lazy.  If you really want sources do some research, do some hard work and dig for them. I'm thinking you don't want them that much. You'd rather just plant seeds of doubt about the validity of these reports by asking inane questions. Don't be an idiot forever. Start doing positive things in the world.

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    4 weeks ago

    They come from multiple sources, and have been correlated. Undisputable that the vast majority support it, but impossible to  get detailed information on numbers.

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