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Do I sign lease right now as a prospective transfer student?

I'm a freshman in my first semester of college & I'm thinking about transferring next year (haven't applied yet but I was accepted when I applied my senior year of HS), but I want to give it a little bit more time. If I do I want to live with 3 girls that I know in an apartment & they need me to sign the lease now. If I decide to stay at my current college would there be consequences or payments to backing out on the lease? If I had to decide now I would transfer but not sure yet...what do I do?

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    Sign nothing until your transfer is confirmed.  If you sign and then your transfer falls through you can be held to the terms of what you signed. They can make you pay for the full term.

    You want to live with these three girls?  I'm sure they'd be happy for you to be paying part of the rent even though you're not there.

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    NEVER EVER sign a legal document (lease) if you have any questions about your eventual use of the property.  NEVER sign one unless & until you have visited the property, wandered around the neighborhood, inspected the amenities yourself, and checked out the local crime rate.  IF you decide to transfer, you can always live in a dorm for a semester or 2.  If your 3 girlfriends are getting an apartment and need to sign a lease now, it's probably because they will be renting the apartment for next semester and not next year?? - let THEM sign the lease.  Let THEM ask the landlord about adding a 4th person at a later date.  You need to worry about your future education & not who your roommates will be - your GFs may be over living with each other by the time you get there.

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    A lease is a contract.  So don't sign it until you're sure of what you're doing or you are absolutely liable for whatever terms you agree to in the lease.  Many leases do have a cancellation clause, which usually comes with a significant financial penalty.

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    You do not sign until you know 100% you will be going to the new school and will be living the apartment.  

    Read every word of the lease. Have a parent read every work of the lease.  If they have any friend that is a real estate agent ask them to read the lease.

    I would expect you would be held responsible for the rent for the entire length of the lease. There would be consequences. You can not just say I can’t live there now.

    Realize now, once you sign a document you are held responsible for have read and understood it in its entirety 

    I would highly advise you not sign the lease now.

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  • Pearl
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    maybe you should talk to the landlord about it first

  • A.J.
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    If you sign a lease, you are responsible for 100% of the rent for the full term of the lease.  Not 1/4; all of it.  From there, tenants can decide among themselves about how it gets divided.

    It's not a good idea to sign a lease until you are sure you are moving in.

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    < would there be consequences or payments to backing out on the lease >

    A lease is a binding contract, you don't just get to decide x time later 'I don't want to live here'

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