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How to survive in a house full of pet hair?

I’m going to be spending a whole weekend with my best friend at his house. I would love this and I love every moment I get to spend with him, but his house is kind of my worst nightmare. He has 4 huge dogs and 2 longhair cats which aren’t a problem until you see how much they shed. The entire house is covered in dog and cat hair and there is no escape from it no matter how hard I try to stay clean. As soon as I get home I always have to shower and wash my clothes because it sticks on everything and the smell of pets lingers. It drives me crazy and I can’t stand it anymore. There’s also a huge dust problem on top of this that after breathing in for over an hour makes me feel like my throat is suck with mucus. I put up with this because I really love being with him, but it’s been really getting to me lately, especially if I’m going to stay for 3 days. If anyone has any tips on trying to stay clean from pet hair, Please let me know!!

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    You don't. Its impossible to keep pet hair away from you in a house full of hair. I would talk to him and let him know this is an issue for you and hopefully he will offer to clean up and maybe you can offer to help. 

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    Tell him you've developed allergies and will sleep in a hotel.   Then at least you can get a break from it.  

    Never underestimate the power of clean jammies, clean bedding and a clean bath towel.  

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    It is best to let him know how uncomfortable you are and try to find a solution together. Holding these things back can cause bad feelings and possible future arguements. I realize you don't want any hurt feelings and honesty will always be the the right thing to do. Good luck and enjoy your time together. 

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