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How Fast does Ich spread?

So I bought a new guppy and put him in my quarantine tank. He seemed fine to me he’s just swimming around a bit slow. I put in my goldfish from my main tank into my quarantine tank by mistake. A few minutes later I realized the guppy had a few tiny white dots on him and saw him flashing a few times. The goldfish wasn’t even in the tank for 10 minutes before I took him out and placed him in a smaller tank (not my main tank). I’m just worried my goldfish got ich. Does anybody know if it spreads immediately?

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    Ich is a parasitic tiny animal "for lack of a better term, its been a long day"  There are 3 stages, the baby ich "tomites" that are invisible to the naked eye.  if any of the petstore water got into the quarantine tank, it likely contained invisible baby ich.  those babies will die without a host fish, and they search for any and all fish to attach to.  If any off the quarantine water , even a drop, got into the goldfish tank, it may have contained baby ich.  so any fish in the goldfish tank are at risk.  But unfoutunitly, only time will tell if the goldfish is infected, I would say 2 weeks with no dots and you are probobly good.

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