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My 14 month old is having watery poops with a painful bum rash after?

He has recently started drinking stage 3 formula since good mom works full time. Has anyone else had this happen


He is going to the doctor tomorrow for this issue but I'm just wondering if anyone else had this happen after the switch.

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    This is common with a stomach bug. The bowel movements have something like acid in it and causing a burn type rash. My kids had this at times and it is very painful for them. Do your best to keep him dry. My doctor suggested using a hair drier set on low/warm held at a distance to dry off the bottom. This should ease some of the pain. Make sure he doesn't sit in dirty diapers too long.

    I guess it is possible for the new formula to be causing an upset stomach. Your doctor will help find the problem tomorrow.

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    Yes. I have seen this happening with my brother’s 13 mos baby. it began with his bottle milk feedings. Watery poops, sleepless nights and crying crying crying all the time. The doctor said its because of the change in milk supplements and can be cured with medications. His rashes slowed down but were always there. So my SIL started feeding Sleep tea for the baby. It did the spell. The rashes disappered and she slept well too. Get some herbal tea and mix it with the bottle milk before you feed it to your baby. It would do the trick. 

    P.S. My Sil got the tea on amazon (baby sleep Secrets of tea) 

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    And the doc said what when you called??

  • 9 months ago

    i would go take him to a doctor about it

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  • 9 months ago

    Sure, just ask strangers on the internet and expect honest answers.

  • 9 months ago

    So just confirming, your baby has something wrong with it and you thought "why go to a doctor when I can ask random strangers on the net instead".  If the child is twice as smart as you it will still be a drooling moron.  TAKE IT TO A DOCTOR

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