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Are the "racists" on Yahoo Answers really liberals pretending to be "racist Trump supporters" to make us look bad?

I have a strong feeling that liberals create racist sock puppet/troll accounts pretending to be Trump supporters. Many of us do not give a rat's patootie what color someone is. Neither does Trump, contrary to what the liberal media tells us!

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    I don't doubt that happens.. There is a lot of BS on YA of many shapes & shades.. But, I don't need YA or the media to form my opinions..It may depend on what one's definition or racist might be..Trump clearly supports the the rich white majority power structure.. That by some definitions is racist.

    • gibbsmb
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      If Democrats try to do something that threatens that rich predominately white power structure they're labeled communists, socialists. libtards. liars, fascists, baby killers

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    If you study history you will find only one party fought a civil war to keep slavery, impose Jim Crows laws, founded the KKK, and  opposed civil rights legislation in the 1960's. That is the same group that still uses skin color first when dealing with any human being they meet. To think they would not blame others for what they have always been guilty of, to further their racist goals  is fantasy. 

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    Yes I think so.....

  • Prince
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    Actually we are not on Yahoo Answers. We dress up as Republican politicians and appear on television and do and say the most idiotic things in order to discredit Neo-Nazi Racist Republican politix to ethnic minorities who are otherwise fooled by such heart-warming rhetoric as "sheet hole countries", "Mexican rapists" and "Black race criminals" as well as "fine people on both sides". We pretend to be legislators in Alabama passing draconian laws forcing women to bear their rapists' semen to term, sheet like that. 

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  • 2 weeks ago

    Yet you posted this crock anonymously!

    It certainly doesn't help support your claim

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    Stop watching Fox News. There is a video of his supporters yelling “send them back” aimed at the African American community and Trump himself has said that the “blacks” are coming to commit crimes.

    • Sole2 weeks agoReport

      No I’m not idiot. He said that in his talks about Mexico.

  • Anonymous
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    No doubt in my mind after so many hoaxes have been discovered. Years ago during a KKK rally a Democrat politician told other Democrats to dress up as KKK in order to make the opposing political faction look like racists. 

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      Funny thing is - that hasn't been true for more than half a century.

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  • Anonymous
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    Well donald trump has orange skin color so it would be quite ironic if he hated different skin colors than white

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    i would hope theres no racists out here

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      Pearl again!!?? Pearl is one of the most active people, I see her all the time.

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