How long do gaming PC's last on average?

I am SUPER new to this whole world of PCs and this is my first step to figuring out what the heck I'm doing. I keep seeing these responses that are saying they last five years on average, but what does that mean in the grand scope of things? why just five years? can you not just replace components that need it? I guess what I'm trying to get out is what is happening to the hardware that is making it last this time. Thank you in advance. 

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  • 9 months ago
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    When people state the five-year 'rule', they're referring to the sorts of people who buy computers rather than building them.  These people are  generally not qualified to replace components like the CPU or motherboard, and so as those parts age it's simply easier for them to buy another computer rather than putting in the labor.

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    My last computer lasted roughly 10 years, and when I said lasted, I mean it did everything I wanted it to do up until about two years ago, when I began playing different, more demanding games. Because my old computer could run them if I tweaked settings down, I stuck with it for another two years until I bit the bullet and upgraded over this past summer. Now I can put all setting on high and get good frame rates. When people say a gaming computer lasts 3 - 5 years, it means that as newer, more complex games come out, you will need parts updated to keep up or if you don't know how to update, buy a whole new computer. My 10 year old computer still works and would probably last another 10 years. I do have a computer in my living room that I use as a media center that is 19 years old. It still has the same cpu and motherboard, but I did have to add a network card because the motherboard one died out, so computers can last quite a long time.

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    The hardware itself generally lasts a long time, just as long as you're not overclocking too hard. However, the hardware will become outdated over time. That means that eventually it won't be able to keep up with the demands of modern games. For instance, the first PC I built in 2014 (FX 8350, 8GB RAM, GTX 660) would not be able to run something like RDR2 very well at high resolution and settings.

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    Right now I have two working PC's that are 10 years old (Intel lga1366 and an AMD AM3 system). The AM3 system is only powerful enough for modern games at lower resolution like 720p. The lga1366 system can play modern games at 1080p just fine but partly thanks to upgrading to a 6-core Xeon CPU. Both of these PC's have a SSD, +16gb of RAM, and the GPU in those PC's is just a few years old.

    Back in 2012 I built my brother a system with the Core i7-3770k and a GTX 670. The 3770k still does well with games. In 2017 he upgraded to the RX 480 but after not liking the card he upgraded to the GTX 1070 which has served him well. The only thing to keep in mind is advancements in CPU architecture have not been that great since 2011, which is the main reason I can still use these systems. A system with an old Phenom II x4 CPU is more than enough for web surfing, low resolution gaming, and watching videos. People are still gaming with processors like the Core i7-2600k, 3770k, and 4770k.If you build a gaming PC and you don't upgrade it at all then you might get 5 years out of it. Depends on how demanding games become. AMD's Socket AM4 has a better upgrade path than Intel's lga1151 300-series platform, so if you went AMD you would might be able to keep your system a little bit longer..... depending on if you upgrade the CPU or not. 

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  • Bob
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    9 months ago

    expect 10+ years if you get an SSD, 5 years with a hard drive. yes you can replace any component if it goes bad or if you want to upgrade, but it depends on the pc. some are more upgradable than others. 

  • 9 months ago

    Depends on how well you maintain your PC.

    On average gaming PCs will last 1.5-2 years depending on usage. Hardware upgrades is recommended for the long term.

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