Was Travis the chimp really to blame for his gruesome attack on that woman? Is the owner the real one at fault?

Travis owner have him Xanax and other illegal drugs that are for humans only.

Could Xanax provoke a docile and playful chimp to savagely attack and disfigure someone?

Was Travis innocent?

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  • 8 months ago
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    His owner was at fault.  Travis had a history of  escaping and refusing to return to his cage.  Plus, he was a wild animal!  His behavior was quite normal for an adult chimpanzee.  I will always feel so sad for Travis.  He should have been climbing trees and socializing with other chimps not living in a cage or interacting with humans.  Ownership of large, dangerous, wild animals should be banned.

  • 7 months ago

    No it was his owner at fault

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    What?  "Travis owner have him Xanax and other illegal drugs ..."  What does that mean?  My DOG was on Xanax for a period of time, so your "facts" are flawed.

    No, there is no evidence that Xanax was involved.

    Was Travis innocent of mauling someone?  Yes.  Innocent and not guilty are two different things.

    Your "questions" and the way you "assemble facts" are troubling.  Mental health issue?  I like the part about people using condoms ONLY to prevent the transmission of STD's.  I trust you are very, very young.  "What would happen if HIV were to be cured tomorrow? Would condoms go out of business?   What are the good and the bad effects of having a hiv vaccine?  Would people then go out having unprotected sex without any fear of diseases because they feel safe that a vaccine is now available?  Would condoms be out of business? Never to be sold again?"

    • Jessica8 months agoReport

      Who the **** are u to talk to me like that? Mocking my questions like that u troll

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