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Why do I get a fluttering sensation in my ear?

I think its happened maybe 2 times I'm the recent past. I was laying in bed on my right side just a view minutes ago, and it sounded like I was underwater, and I could feel the rim of my ear fluttering. Almost felt like there was a large moth sitting on my ear, flapping its wings. I've had anxiety, and depression for the past 7 years. And it's been very bad for the past 2 years. I often feel muscles in my legs, and arms twitching. Do you think the same thing is going on in my ear? I'm a 26 year old male if that matters.

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    I get that too, its probably tinnitus, which can feel like a ringing or fluttering in your ear. More often than not it is cause by something simple like a build up of ear wax, but it could be something else. Use some ear drops and see if it goes

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  • Andy C
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    8 months ago

    Anxiety is an instinct, not a disorder or illness.


    Perhaps you mean an anxiety disorder. Going 2 years without treatment for a health problem is a bit on you. Go see your doctor.

    Unmanaged anxiety can and often does lead to psychosomatic symptoms, like hallucination or paralysis.

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      My doctor diagnosed me with acute anxiety 5 years ago. I think that qualifies as an anxiety disorder. I'm also positive I have depression, as I feel like killing my self most days. 

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