Why is my upload speed so low on xbox one?

This hasn't happened before, I usually get 15 up, now its around 1.78. It happened after resetting xbox because of performance. I recently bought speed cat 6 ethernet to get faster speeds.

I've tried unplugging modem for 10 seconds, clearing xbox mac address. The background updating setting is off. Should I press the reset button on my modem?


The ethernet cable is new

Update 2:

According to xbox thats my speed

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  • 8 months ago

    Have you suffered from any packet loss?

    You should monitor your internet activity.

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    • nehi8 months agoReport

      It was but now when i test xbox speed details, my upload goes up and down, packet goes back and forth 1% and 0%. I tried full shutdown and unplugging power cord for 5 mins. I dont have access to my ip add. To control panel yet to enable Upnp

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