What does it mean .. I had a dream of my daughter dead .. And then my son dying?

I woke up in terror last tuesday morning from a dream of my 7 year old daughter dead i was holding her crying screaming she was already stuffed cremated or something (dreams are a little weird) and i woke up screaming out loud begging for help and crying. .... and then just now on the same morning one week later i have a dream of my 4 year. Old son... first .. His whole body was purple and he had some kind of rope or string wrapped around his neck i grabbed him took it off and saved him to seconds later changing scenes being by a pool him throwing up on me from drowning and screaming to my family to help but they were ignoring me and strangers jumped in to check him then i woke up balling. It's freaking me out .. Especially being exactly one week apart to the day. Is there a meaning behind these kinds of dreams or am i looking to much into this?

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  • 9 months ago

    Dreams capture emotions, and they are all about emotions, so look to your own personal Life and see what is so terrifying in your awake Life that it translates into death for your close, close relatives. So what's going on with you?  Literally stop thinking of the dreams, and focus on the Life you are living right now.  Anything happen on every Tuesday, even if you think it is insignificant? What is the bridge between your real Life, and these fearful dreams.  When was the last time you were so frightened in your waking Life?   Once you get a bearing on what you are currently doing now in your awake Life, the dreams will make more sense to you.  I doubt very much they have anything to do with the death of your children. 

  • 9 months ago

    The meaning is you are very anxious about your kids. Maybe for their physical well-being but it also could be more general. Maybe you worry about your ability to protect them.

    Maybe it would help you to get some kind of parenting support?

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    9 months ago

    Personally I would not read too much into your dreams.  They are weird as it is our mind shorting, filing, deleting information we collect during the day, consciously or unconsciously.   Random items can be stuck together in odd ways that make no sense to the conscious rational mind.

    The dreams being exactly one week apart are just a conicidence and the fact that you drempt your kids were dead or dying is probably just your deepest fears coming to the surface.   It means you are a good parent really - since you fear their demise and it terrifies you so.  IF you were laughing in those dreams, then I would be a bit more concerned.

    Everyone has really odd and sometimes distrubing dreams.   They are normal.  However if you keep having night terrors or the same dream over and over and over, then maybe consider talking to your doctor.

  • 9 months ago

    Dreams are usually just stories our minds make up when we are sleeping. 

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