Looking for Christian Dream interpretation ?

 It started out with my mom accidentally leave my chicken coop door open so I went out to shut it, for some reason I was playing heavy metal (which I do listen to stone sour and slipknot and neither band have any satanic anything in there songs) but I had never heard this song before I couldn't make out any if the lyrics but I knew that I wanted to hide it from my mom (who also doesnt like heavy metal and doesnt know I listen to it irl) I was able to pause after fighting with my phone and then we started walking down underneath my deck and my phone got a text message of someone begging for help, I ignored the texts because I didnt know who it was. Then there was this dead dog corpse that had been uncovered due to heavy water erosion (it wasn't a dog I've ever had) but my mom was really chill with it there and was saying that the neighbors have seen it's ghost in the woods and that she has too also the head was clearly separated from the body. Now also there was another dead animal skeleton but I dont remember where it was I dont think it was in the ground but it had eyes that would look at us even though it was dead and after that we start walking back and there is this fake cell phone thing that when you call it, it's just a jump scare with like an evil picture in my dream I say that "I've seen this at Walmart but that still scared me" but then my mom says that we have never bought anything like that and she doesnt know who would. I just woke up from that like 20 minutes ago

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  • 9 months ago

    It is surprising that you are dreaming of dead things, animals buried in the ground in the backyard.   You live in an atmosphere of dead beings and your mother is by your side the whole time.   Someone is begging for help on your cell and you ignore it? I don't know your age, but I would suggest you take some steps out into the big bad world and get the true feeling of what it is like, rather then dwell on the cemetery in your back yard!  Christians try to bring Christ to the world, and no one out back is listening to you.  

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