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Who will KC be supporting at euro 2020?

He definitely won't be supporting greece 


@Ryan English people don't like him (KC)

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  • Ryan
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    8 months ago
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    Dont you know KC is Spanish? He is from Madrid and is a Real Madrid supporter. No wait he's a cringey ronaldo fan so maybe he's Portuguese? Then again he loves Rangers so maybe he is Scottish. But he doesn't like Celtic players so maybe he doesn't support the Scottish national team should they come through a play off. Ah yes but he's the biggest Liverpool fan, even more of a fan than Mr AA. So he supports England? But he says he doesn't like English people. Then again most scousers don't consider themselves English. Is he an irish scouse? He can't be he hates our country for some weird reason. Does he hate northern Ireland as well? So who will this guy be supporting !

    • August
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      a bit like a women who can't make up her mind about anything 

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  • 8 months ago

    Probably my olive skinned brothers in Spain, Portugal and Italy. 

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