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Sickled feet in ballet?

How do I fix sickled feet?

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    Presume you mean an 'inward sickle'.   Your teacher should have got rid of this when you first started and it depends how long you've been allowed to get away with this as to how easy it will be to rid of it.   In general and the easiest way to tell you is to push the heel forward.  Always go back to basic exercises to improve that kind of situation.  

    If it is only showing in point shoes then you are not strong enough to be on point. 

    I have met a condition just a couple of times where the sickle doesn't come from the ankle but from below the metatarsal into the phalanges of the toes.   Odd condition but I'm afraid I never found a way to put this right on general students as it is the way the bones are formed.

    Maybe mintchips could add to this. 

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      Good answer. I really having nothing more constructive to add. 

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