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What are the subjects in IAS preliminary and Mains?

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    Syllabus for prelims:

    The syllabus for the Preliminary Exams for Paper-I consists of Current events of national and international importance, History of India &Indian National Movement, I World Geography, Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India & the World, Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights Issues,Economic and Social Development



    Political Science / Civics


    General Science - Physics, Chemistry & Biology

    Environmental Science


    Mains:The mains syllabus for optional papers is generally of the honours degree level that is between the bachelors degree and the masters degree. It contains 9 papers, where there are two qualifying papers and seven papers counted for ranking and syllabus is framed according to the subjects with total of 1750 marks.

    1.Dissaster management

    2. government policies

    3. Ethics

    4.Integrity and Aptitude.

    for more info:IAS Coaching Info

    IAS Strategy


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