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Why do some people just hate me for no reason (pls read details)?

If I'm in a work situation and I meet another person for the first time for work situations, some people are just plain rude to me for no reason. I'm careful with my facial expressions and body language. I am polite to them yet they are still rude to me first time meeting me? Why would they be rude to someone they just met professionally and who is being polite to them?

(It makes me feel like maybe they do not have a legitimate reason for hating for example, they may hate me for my looks or because I'm female so perhaps they're shallow or a misogynist?)

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    I had this issue when I was younger. Now that I am older, I realize at least half the population are simply jerks and others may not be jerks but have undesirable personality traits.

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    9 months ago

    Some people just come across as unlikable.  You must be giving off some signals or displaying some sort of behavior that causes people to react this way if it happens so often that it is troubling you.

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