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The reason why most people uses iphones?

 I was using the samsung j3crown and switched to s4, now I'm really considering to getting an iPhone because of these reasons. The J3crown has better sound and runs so much faster than the s4. The only thing that is better on the s4 is the graphics but what good is it if your phone is lagging like crazy. I did not know that a GALAXY S4 would be WORST than one of their phones that cost $100, I mean I had an ipod that ran faster than the S4! Y'all android fan boys need to chill and realize all y'all phones is trash smh, y'all be tripping by saying androids are better 😂 I mean an ipod would beat the performance of the j3crown and s4 😵 I'm definitely switching to apple

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    Most people don't use iPhones since they account for less than 20% of smartphone sales.

    Good luck with finding an iPhone for the same price as your old s4 and ultra budget j7.

    There are rumors of another SE model since high end phone sales are slipping as customers can get more bang for the buck with midrange phones.

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  • 8 months ago

    And, your question is?

    Do you want to stop acting tough?

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